Master Plan

For years, I’ve wanted to put down a record of my life. Being now on the verge of having lived almost 25,000 days (I will get there or got there on October 15, 2021, the dated of my son Gabe’s 32nd birth day), I know that I can wait no longer.

When I was in my early teens someone told me one day I’ll be an old guy and I’ll be a great story teller. I don’t know about the latter but the forner is true. And I do love telling life stories. Just ask my wife Arlene. She has heard all of them as long as she’s known me.

And now I want to tell others what happened to just one soul as he made his way in this world. Some times I figured out what happned and why and some times I didn’t and learned to live with that. Sometimes I felt like I lreally knew people and someintes I felt like Judy Collis. “I really don’t know life at all.”

This is for my offspring, my future and what will once day be all that is left of me. This is not just for today but for as long as these words can be read here or anywhere for, I hope, countless years to come.

The Blueprint

This site will be written in WordPress blog style. Posts will be written around at least one category and as I begin these are the likely categories: (Categoires are like chapters).

  • 50 Years Of High School
  • The Early Years
  • The 50s
  • Arlene
  • Kids- Then And Now
  • What Chose Me And What I Chose
  • Circle America

I’ll start with “50 Years Of High School” because it’s one of the more interesting stories. I won’t necessarily “finish it” (nothing ever gets finished here) so I’ll reserve my right to jump around as I build this thing of mine.

Here’s a list of the posts in “50 Years” and the status of my writing. This is the recommend order which they should be read.

Post TitleStatus
In The Beginning In good share.
OU DazeWorking on it.
10th Reunion In good shape.
25th ReunionNot started.
FacebookNot started.
40th ReunionNot started.
45th ReunionNot started.
Secret LifeNot started.
One Of The BoysNot started.
What It WAs LikeNot started.