In The Beginning

OHS Class of 71 montage

It was June 7, 1971. The sky smelled as orange as the grass did green. The air was a warm embrace you feel when something good is about to happen. I climbed the steps of the old wooden bleachers as did 220 other classmates. The football field spread out before us as the school officials … Read more

OU Daze

Bud Kraus playing guitar - College Green, Ohio U

Ohio University, in the foothills of the Appalachia’s, would become my little heaven on Earth, the place where I could be re-born. It was the answer to my dream of escaping from the sterility of Pepper Pike and remaking myself into the person I knew I was. It was where the caged bird would have … Read more

The 10th Reunion

Somehow I got wind of the fact that there was going to be a 10th year high school reunion. It certainly was not form a former classmate, not even one that attended Ohio U. I’d been living in New York 4 years and had lost touch with a lot of kids from Ohio. More likely … Read more